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I've done a wide variety of things. I started as a DTP/computer administrator at a small insurance company in 1993, while studying to be a science teacher. In that year I also did a community service, rebuilding a primary school in rural KwaZulu-Natal (this was during the Apartheid period when the central government did nothing for rural schools).

I graduated in 1994, qualified in physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology, with about six months' teaching experience.

I moved to Wits University in 1995 to study philosophy, psychology and sociology. I got a job in the Computer Science department and ran their Macintosh and UNIX systems till 2008, a period of exactly 13 years. In that time I got my BA, BA Honours in Philosophy, and MA in Philosophy. Around this time I displayed an artwork at an exhibition run by MuseuMAfrica. I got two first-class prizes in BA. In 2004-5 I wrote a few academic papers, most notably one on network booting and another on free-will and neuropsychology. I presented the latter at an international conference in Hawaii. I was asked to teach Linux to the NBN, which I did from 2004 to 2008. In 2006-7 I decided to create a backup solution for Windows computers. We were offered a buyout by potential shareholders, however, I decided to OpenSource the project. I then went on to start a party event coordination organisation, which was successful, and which I soon sold to my other shareholders so that I could focus on new projects.

I resigned from Wits in mid-2008 to pursue PhD at Edinburgh University. In this year (2008-9) I wrote up about half the material required, and published nine books through a print-on-demand publisher. However, due to the financial crash of 2008, I was unable to find enough work to cover the high fees, so I returned to SA in 2009. I transferred my PhD to Cape Town. I am currently involved in IT consulting. I have recently published a few more journal articles in philosophy and theology and have finished my PhD writeup. In 2010, due to the soccer, I published a tour guide, also on my books page, which is currently my best-seller. I rank in the top 2% of best-sellers on my online publisher's website out of a few million authors. I have written and published 11 books and have a further 5-6 planned.

I have consulted for a variety of institutions, most notably PsySSA, GSSA, ICP 2012, and the South African government: Department of Basic Education.

I have reviewed academic journal articles for SACJ (South African Computer Journal) and SAJP (the South African Journal of Philosophy). I have also done some editing and review for the International Journal of Psychology under the auspices of ICP 2012, and will be doing further work under the auspices of IUPsyS. I am presently working on a government project and lecturing Philosophy for Wits University.

John M. Ostrowick
HdipEd (Phys.Sci.) MA (Phil.) (WITS)

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